Nýtt gratis TrackMania Nations
18/04/2008 klokkan 03:40 - Vagnur

Eitt spildur nýtt TrackMania Nations spæl er komi út nú, og hetta spæli eitur TrackMania Nations Forever, og er gratis.

65 nyggir banar eru sum man kann spæla á, eisini ein "solo mode" (sum sigst at verða betri enn tað orginala tmn), og hevur nógv onnur góð "features".
Florent Castelnerac er ein av høvuðsmonninun aftanfyri hetta spælið, og hann forklára soleiðis um tað:

“The PC is the premier gaming platform when it comes to the number of casual and expert players. To satisfy this wide range of players, we designed the game for everyone instead of trying to focus on the average gamer. We have put a lot of effort in developing the competitive spirit and challenge between players in order to present a game adapted to big e-sports competitions while remaining captivating and accessible to players who have less gaming experience. Even if you play Nations Forever quietly alone, you can still be ranked in the world, your country, your city or even in your list of friends that you can create by inviting friends to join like in Facebook or MySpace. It is up to each player to set his/her goals - become one of the best players in the world or just impress friends.”

Í hesun spælinun kanst tú eisini spæla ímóti teimun sum hava keypt Trackmania nations.

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